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Aircraft Hangar Doors

Over the last 30 years we have designed and installed hundreds of aircraft hangars around the world. We are the inventor of the stressed membrane structure, and we take pride in the number of innovations we’ve brought the industry. We’ve designed reliable, quick to install, easy to use and cost effective hangar doors for a wide variety of unique needs of airfield operations.

  • Telescoping Door System (TDS)
    Designed and engineered by Sprung to provide a reliable conventional panel door system for large commercial and military aircraft.
Sprung Hangar Doors TDS
  • Vertical Lifting Fold Up Door
    Heavy duty vertical fabric doors provide maximum opening as required while providing a high level door seal.
Sprung Buildings Vertical Lifting Hangar Doors
  • Armadillo
    Designed and engineered by Sprung. Ideal for short term multi use expeditionary applications. Door remains fully tensioned at all times providing greater performance and reliability even in strong wind conditions.
Sprung Buildings Hangar Cargo Door
  • Center Point Rolling Doors
    Our unique innovation provides a cost effective manually operated door system specifically designed for radius end buildings.
    Ideal for helicopter hangars in remote locations.
Sprung Buildings hangar and cargo door

TDS Hangar Doors