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Entrances & Corridors

More than just entrances and exits, personnel doors, vestibules and corridors guide people to where they need to be, provide protection from the elements, and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Personnel Doors

A wide range of personnel doors are available for Sprung structures including single, double, glass and oversized—all with optional panic hardware. Specifically designed door hoods provide an added level of safety by effectively diverting water and snow from the door entrances.

Sprung Personnel Door Options Single Glass Door

Single Glass Door

Sprung Personnel Door Options Double Glass Door

Double Glass Door

Sprung Personnel Door Options Triple Glass Door

Triple Glass Door

Sprung Personnel Door Options Automatic Glass Door

Automatic Glass Doors

Sprung Personnel Door Single

Single Personnel Door

Sprung Personnel Door Double

Double Personnel Door

Sprung Personnel Door Single half glass

Single Personnel Door with Half Glass and Top Lite

Sprung Pesonnel Door Double with half glass

Double Personnel Door with Half Glass and Top Lite

Door Hoods

Door hoods also provide an ideal location for lights and corporate branding graphics such as logos.

Vestibules and Canopies

Sprung tensioned fabric structure entrances can be individually enhanced with attractive and functional canopies and vestibules. This is an ideal solution for cold weather climates. Vestibules can also be used as small offices, or hide external HVAC systems.

Connecting Corridors

Control pedestrian traffic flow, while providing protection from the elements. Covered walkway systems and connecting corridors, with optional insulation, are available in a variety of widths for all Sprung tensioned membrane structures. Connecting a Sprung structure to any existing building or additional structure is easy using our connecting corridor system.

  • Prevent people from entering hazardous or secured areas
  • Maintain foot traffic flow
  • Ideal for passenger corridors at airports and construction sites