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Market Sector Arenas

Edge School

Alberta, Calgary

Edge School

Several years ago, Edge School expanded their property and looked to traditional construction for classrooms, two NHL-sized hockey rinks and a gymnasium. When the plans were developed, the project costs exceeded their available budget by $10 million. The architect and project manager approached Sprung for an alternative proposal. After careful consideration, three 120’-wide Sprung structures were provided and erected with a net savings of $7 million. The decision to use Sprung allowed the Edge School expansion to go forward on budget and on time. The ice arenas at the Edge School are a showcased aspect of this multi-venue development and have received high praise from visiting teams and spectators.


“We absolutely hit a ‘home run’ with Sprung structures. Sprung structures actually enhanced our performance opportunities, look absolutely incredible both inside and outside, and were erected in a fraction of the time it would have taken had we made other choices.”