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Mercedes-Benz Express Series Vehicle Protection



  • Mercedes-Benz Calgary Alberta


  • Calgary Alberta, Canada experiences severe hails storms in the summer months that can inflict significant damage to vehicles. Hail insurance is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain and dealerships are left to find attractive, cost effective solutions to protect vehicles from hail damage.


  • 20’ wide by 152’ long Sprung Vehicle Cover
  • 40’ wide by 136’ long Sprung Vehicle Cover


  • Sprung Structures new Express series is designed and engineered to provide dealerships with an attractive smaller I beam design, combined with a fully tensioned architectural membrane which comes in a variety of colors to blend in with dealerships.
  • Foundations are not required which saves time and money. Complimentary corporate graphic logo enhances the overall professional appearance. Daylight panels allow an optimum amount of natural light to allow the vehicles to shine while under the protection from the elements.