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Mustard Gas Remediation

Kanagawa Prefecture, Samukawa

Mustard Gas Remediation

Japan is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, where commercial and residential development co-exist in most communities.

During the construction of a freeway in Samukawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, a deposit of small bottles containing mustard gas from the World War II era was discovered buried in the soil. One broken bottle had the potential to kill hundreds of surrounding residents. The immediate shutdown of construction for an extremely time-critical freeway was ordered.

Needless to say, the surrounding communities were relieved when Sprung was called upon to help remediate the situation, and the project received rave reviews throughout Japanese media.

As soon as Sprung’s remediation shelter was erected, the soil containing the bottles had to be meticulously sifted through by hand. Sprung’s relocatable, environmental remediation enclosure, which included a sophisticated negative-pressure air-handling system, ensured that if a bottle was broken, the gas would not escape into the surrounding communities.

As a relatively short-term application, Kobe Steel, Ltd. was able to render its facility fully operational in a much shorter time-frame than with a conventional structure. Opting for a shorter-termed lease rate made more financial sense and greatly helped reduce the energy costs associated with the project.


“We, Kobe Steel, bought and constructed your Sprung shelter at Samukawa for [the] destruction of chemical warfare materials (CWM) and [the] cleanup of contaminated soil in 2003. We successfully finished all the work, without any accident or incident, in 2004. We destroyed 800 beer-sized bottles discovered with CWM’s and 8,000 cubic meters of soil.”