Transportation ventures have come to rely on the Sprung Advantage. 

In choosing to work with Sprung, you'll find building systems that meet highly specialized needs in applications ranging from aircraft hangars to sensitive security facilities at airports and ports around the world, as well as specialized applications for helicopters and drone aircraft.


Sprung's durable membrane structure is the solution of choice for the aviation industry needing fast, reliable airport applications. With immediately available inventory, Sprung structures are versatile in application and custom design, and offer a wide range of hangar door options and efficient insulation packages.

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Sprung tensioned membrane structures are the solution of choice for the automotive industry looking for a fast, reliable building option that can help cut costs and save on energy. Sprung structures have a near indefinite lifespan and can lower energy costs by 20% compared to conventional metal buildings.

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Sprung is the solution of choice for ports that require reliable structures, both temporary and permanent, engineered to save time and money. Offering large clearspan space, skylight applications, limited foundation requirements and connecting corridors, Sprung responds to immediate structural requirements.

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When the rail industry requires a reliable, versatile structures, Sprung structures is their solution of choice. Sprung structures are engineered to save time and money. Offering large clearspan space,  limited foundation requirements, craneliftable, relocatable and a wide assortment of cargo doors, Sprung structures are available immedietely from inventory.

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