Minneapolis Navigation Center



    The city of Minneapolis identified a surge in homelessness and a quickly growing tent city. In response, they worked with Sprung Structures to quickly build a Navigation Center to house up to 200 people at a time throughout the brutal Minneapolis winter. Because the three structures could be built with minimal foundation requirements, the lot they were built on was virtually unchanged, making it easy to completely remove the structures the following spring. The community has just broken ground on a new housing project on the exact same ground were the three Navigation Center structures stood mere months ago.

    The real advantage to Sprung’s design and engineering is that we provide a building that can be ordered, delivered and built quickly; faster than any other building system. All without sacrificing necessities like insulation, mechanical requirements (sprinklers and heating), natural light, access, and security, in a permanent structure that can be removed with barely a trace left behind. Cities can mitigate risk by providing shelters without committing real estate for long periods of time.