Toronto Homeless Donation Umbrellas



    Over the last 5 years, Sprung Instant Structures has been working with cities across North America assisting them in dealing with their growing homeless numbers by building Navigation Centers, Bridge Structures and Respite Centers. Homelessness has become a critical issue for many communities. In our continuing efforts to give back, we have decided to make homelessness our philanthropic priority. Last month we approached the three Toronto Respite centers along with the City of Toronto and asked what they could use to help their clients. All three locations had little to no shade over their patio areas. The amazing team from our Toronto office ordered 12 extra large patio umbrellas with stands, loaded them onto a truck, then delivered and installed 4 at each Respite Center. The clients and staff were overjoyed and could not thank us enough. As it turned out to be the hottest day of the year they immediately took cover from the sun. Now guests at the center can gather and enjoy fresh air and sunshine with a bit of shade, and stay dry outside on rainy days.