Union Rescue Mission – Over the Edge



    Last week Los Angeles’ Union Rescue Mission held its “URM Over the Edge” event. The event was designed to help raise money to fight homelessness. Each participant had to raise $1,000 to participate, rappelling 23 stories down the side of the Hilton Hotel in Universal City. As of last Friday they had raised over $500,000. The rescue mission is opening a new shelter for 120 homeless women this month.


    “It kinda shows we’ll do anything to step up to the need and address the horrific homeless situation. And imagine this is scary, but imagine spending the night on the streets, or a woman on the streets dressing like a man trying to avoid an assault and multiply it by 16,000 times — that’s what’s happening on the streets of Los Angeles every night.”
    Rev Andy Bales CEO URM

    We are very proud to support this event, and Sprung’s very own Kurt Lundell participated, going “Over the Edge” in support of URM’s mission.