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Portes cargo

Portes coulissantes

Our sliding doors follow the profile of the structure maximizing the use of space.

Constructed with our durable fabric membrane and aluminum frame, Sprung sliding doors operate on pneumatic wheels at ground level, and follow along a track at top. Easy to operate, fully integrated door system with heavy duty neoprene seal.

Portes de service coulissantes

Fabricated with interlocking stainless steel or aluminum in a variety of finishes, Sprung’s rolling service doors are designed for durability and serviceability. They feature a weather tight seal, which is critical for insulated buildings. Manual or motorized options.

Portes roulantes pivotantes centrales

Engineered specifically for radius end structures, center point fabric rolling doors provide maximum openings without sacrificing useable space. Constructed from our aluminum frame and tensioned membrane, these fully integrated large cargo doors include a heavy duty neoprene seal. Manual or power driven options available.