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Atlanta Marriott Northwest

Atlanta Marriott Northwest


  • Urgent need to add hospitality space due to limited existing space at the Hotel property


  • 70′ wide by 120′ long Sprung Structure erected where unused tennis courts previously existed.


  • After careful analysis by Marriott between using Sprung or a traditional building, Marriott chose Sprung as they could build a Sprung structure for about half the cost of traditional construction and in about two thirds the time. From ground breaking to the first event, took only three months. The return on investment using a Sprung structure was far superior to any other type of building.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • Energy efficient insulation package.
  • Attractive yet flexible interior space to conduct a variety of different types of events.


“The space is completely flexible to accommodate weddings, social events, corporate meetings and everything in between.”