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Blood Tribe Kainai Multi-purpose Centre

Blood Tribe Kainai Multi-purpose Centre

Home of the Kainai Nation

Located in Southern Alberta, The Blood Tribe is situated on the largest reserve in Canada comprised of over 12,000 members.

With the proximity close to the Rocky Mountains, significant winds are a common occurrence. Over the past 10 years, the Blood Tribe determined that in order to help their community prosper, a multi-purpose recreation facility was needed to address their pressing health and wellness issues.

After carefully considering a number of building alternatives, it was determined that the Sprung structure technology would be an ideal building envelope to accommodate a wide range of needs and applications.

Within a few short months, a fully insulated 130’ wide x 290’ long Sprung structure was erected featuring Kynar desert tan and Brownstone red membrane.


“It is with tremendous pride to watch a building grow from the planning stages to completion here on the Blood reserve. The Kainai Multi-purpose Centre is a facility which will be enjoyed by people of all ages in developing community on many different levels. The Kainai people have a long history in the world of sports, and this facility will serve to contribute to the best of health through gamesmanship and goodwill. On behalf of your members of council, we are proud to have a building which holds the promise of growth and development for our people. We encourage everyone to take full opportunity of a facility which promotes a healthier lifestyle for all to enjoy. We also acknowledge the many people involved in fulfilling this goal.”