Market Sector Railway Buildings

Restore Rail Car – Canadian Pacific Railway Limited



  • CP Rail needed a controlled environment to refurbish several vintage passenger rail cars for executive uses. They needed enough room to house and restore an entire rail car while protecting the car and staff from the elements. The company wanted to reuse the structure once the refurbishing efforts were complete, so the structure would need to be relocated to another location where it will be used as a maintenance facility. The original location had no structural foundation.


Sprung Structures provided a tensioned fabric structure that was able to meet the needs for the refurbishment of the cars, including access for large equipment, ventilation and enough room to complete work on the large rail car. The structure was engineered to be erected with limited ground preparation to accommodate the location. After work was completed at the first location the structure was removed to be taken to serve as a maintenance shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • 1st location 40’ wide by 100’ long Sprung white structure
  • 2nd relocated 40’ wide by 60’ long Sprung white structure


  • 1st location the Sprung structure covered a vintage passenger rail car which would be refurbish.
  • 2nd relocated from Calgary to Winnipeg as a maintenance shop. Refurbished to suit new snow loads.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • Two – 24” Turbo Vents
  • One – Flat End Sliding Door
  • One – Single Personnel Door
  • CP Logo