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Canyon County Work Release Center

Canyon County Work Release Center

In 2005, Canyon County was experiencing overcrowding in their existing facilities and they had no choice but to release inmates prior to completion of their sentences. With time being a major consideration, the County chose an 80′ x 185′ Sprung structure for both the rapid completion of the project and proven experience in the corrections industry.

The facility offers full washroom and shower requirements for 224 inmates. There is a full kitchen with food preparation and a service area. A unique feature in the dining area is the two cable/video projections on the interior membrane, with the County renting individual headsets for audio. Additional interior build-outs include storage, security, a visitation room and a meeting area.


“Sprung provided very helpful technical and administrative support throughout all phases of this project and I would highly recommend them to any government agency. The Sprung structure provides a very functional facility at a reasonable cost to the taxpayer. I would also like to add that even after the project was completed, Sprung continued to stay in contact with me and ensured that all my needs were met. They have provided great customer service and Canyon County will continue to use Sprung Instant Structures.”