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The City of South Jordan Public Works

The City of South Jordan Public Works

The City of South Jordan’s Public Works division was in need of a vehicle maintenance facility that could handle different types of vehicles and heavy machinery.

After being made aware of the Sprung arena at Wolf Mountain in Park City, Utah, and the possibility that it could be sold to them, the City of South Jordan Council, including the Mayor and some concerned citizens, were presented with the opportunity to purchase the structure. Pleased with the low costs involved in purchasing, and the structure’s ability to be retrofitted with insulation for superior climate control, the City of South Jordan Public Works division found Sprung structures to be an effective solution for their needs.

After the original Wolf Mountain structure was dismantled and shipped back to the Sprung plant in West Jordan, Utah, it was reworked, cleaned and supplemented with additional doors and windows to accommodate for its new home in South Jordan.

In 1998, the Sprung structure was re-erected on City property as a vehicle maintenance and training facility, where it remained until November 2008. Erected quickly and efficiently, the City of South Jordan Public Works division was able to increase space immediately, while appropriate funds could be raised to complete the city’s new $10 million Public Works headquarters.

Because of its technically advanced construction, limited foundation requirements, and versatility, the City of South Jordan was able to sell their temporary Sprung structure to the Jordan School District.


“All three owners were thrilled that the structure was able to be relocated and be altered to meet each client’s needs. The fact that the facility did not need to be demolished and hauled away to a landfill was also an advantage as the clients included a Ski Resort, a Public Works division, and now a School District. This benefit is especially important with the ongoing and increasing pressure for all governments, agencies and local businesses to use environmentally responsible products that provide long term value and not impact the environment negatively.”