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Market Sector Mining Buildings

Bloom Lake Mine



  • Bloom Lake Mine, Fermont, Quebec, Canada


  • Bloom Lake Mines required a large water treatment plant for their operations. This mine needed a building solution that could be erected during cold winter months without a concrete foundation.


  • 140’ wide x 290’ long structure with a 35’ x 25’ connecting corridor, Tan Low Temperature Arctic Membrane, Daylight panel at peak for natural light.


  • Thanks to the speed of construction of the Sprung structure, the client reorganized their project schedule and built the Sprung structure first, using it as a base of operations for the rest of the project. Sprung was able to offer a design that not only worked for their operations, but was able to anchor directly to the earth without need for a poured slab. By avoiding a concrete pour, the Sprung solution was the most cost effective solution available.