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Cold War Exhibit – The Military Museums

Cold War Exhibit – The Military Museums


  • The Military Museums, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  • The Military Museums were looking for exhibit space for their Cold War Exhibit, marking the 40-year Cold War in which Canadian airmen roamed the skies. The exhibit space needed to accommodate a CF-18 Hornet, a CF-104 Starfighter and an F-86 Sabre aircraft. Overall project costs were critical in determining viability of the museum expansion.


  • Two 50’ wide Sprung structures, resembling the Hardened Aircraft Shelters were erected adjacent to the existing military museum.


  • “Our Museum needed to expand in order to facilitate the addition of a CF-18 Hornet, a CF-104 Starfighter and an F-86 Sabre to begin creating our Cold War Exhibit. The bricks and mortar plan was too costly and too small. We turned to Sprung Structures for an alternative. We now have a new wing to our museum that is twice as large and at half the price. Visitors from around the world marvel at the overall impact of the structures, the aircraft and displays. Thank you Sprung for helping our vision come true years earlier than we would have dreamed!”
    Don Matthews, Chairman,
    Air Force Museum Society of Alberta

This Sprung Structure Features

  • 50’ wide x 80’ long and 50’ wide x 100’ long Sprung Structures
  • Daylight panels in the peak.
  • 1 x connecting corridor seamlessly connects both structures.
  • Digitally printed exterior graphics.
  • Dupont Tedlar Mediterranean Olive exterior membrane complements the theme and the hangars blend in their surroundings.
  • 4 x double personnel doors.