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College Park Baptist Church



  • College Park Baptist Church, Sarahland, Alabama


  • The Church was looking for a cost effective, unique building solution to build on new property recently purchased.


  • 60’ wide by 90’ long insulated worship facility connected to a 40’ wide by 175’ long insulated entrance foyer, classrooms, kitchen and office.
    Mediterranean olive wainscot with tan sand upper, R-25 insulation, large gothic style windows, connecting corridor between buildings, daylight panels in foyer.


  • The Church is absolutely thrilled with their new home on their new property in their brand new Sprung Structures.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • Energy Efficient Insulation Packages
  • Excellent acoustics in the worship area
  • Designed to meet 128 MPH, 3 sec gust, exposure C as per IBC 2009


“Building a Sprung structure was the smartest investment we made. It is functional, attractive and certainly is a great advertising tool! Everyone in our community knows about our church. I would not build any other structure for a church.”
—Mike Bedford, Senior Pastor