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Collingwood Central Park Arena

Collingwood Central Park Arena

Collingwood now has a second ice rink for year-round use, located in Central Park, to complement the Eddie Bush Arena. The Town of Collingwood added a new Sprung Performance Arena to meet the growing demand for ice time. This 120′ wide x 330′ long Sprung structure includes a full size, 85ft by 200ft ice surface, complete with premium dasher boards and glass. There is interior spectator seating for 390 people, and a mezzanine lounge for viewing. The lounge can be rented for special events and presentations. There are six dressing rooms for players, including a dedicated female dressing room. As well, the referee room is capable of accommodating eight referees.


“Sprung Structures was a great solution: a unique, patented, energy efficient, ready to use structure to house a full-size ice-pad allowing us to double our available ice time. A state-of-the-art refrigeration system and a high-insulation factor in the roof and walls ensure that the building is energy efficient. Our users have said the ice surface is of exceptional quality!”

“The Sprung Company has provided Collingwood with a showcase, state-of-the-art facility, which is the envy of many communities.