Market Sector Railway Buildings

Wheel Change-out Area Cover for Canadian Pacific Railway



  • Canadian Pacific Railway, St. Paul, Minnesota


  • Canadian Pacific Railway changes out the wheel assemblies on their railcars in an outside are at their facility in St. Paul. That is problematic because Minnesota winters are notoriously severe. The average temperature from November through March is 24.5 ˚ Fahrenheit, with that average dropping down to 16˚ Fahrenheit in January. They also experience an average snowfall of over 55” annually and over 30” of rainfall annually. CPR needed to provide some shelter for their technicians and equipment. The Shelter needed to be placed over existing working pit in the ground and rails running throughout the area and multiple structures throughout the area as well.


  • 40′ wide by 75′ long Sprung Structure complete with open ends 6’ leg extensions, vestibule to cover and protect electrical panel.


  • We offered the solution to anchor down to the bare ground so CPR wouldn’t need to pour any type of footings or foundations. The soil conditions were less than desirable, so we added an additional earth anchor at each base location to meet the required loadings. There was also a large electrical panel that was outside of the 40’ width that needed to be accounted for. The area wouldn’t accommodate a wider structure, so we designed a 14’-3” wide x 5’ long vestibule to enclose the electrical panel. We also provided 6’ long leg extensions to accommodate the height requirements of the numerous railcar dimensions. Finally, we added a Side Sliding Cargo Door to allow side access to the pit area.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • 14’-3” wide x 5’ long vestibule
  • Side Sliding Cargo Door
  • 6’ long leg extensions