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Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

The movie Deck the Halls, starring Danny Devito and Matthew Broderick, was based on a Christmas theme that required numerous winter scenes. As the film was being shot in the spring of 2006, the production company, All Lit Up, determined that it would be beneficial to enclose the two main houses where most of the filming was taking place. In addition to capturing a winter environment, nighttime shots could then be taken during the day to maximize the efficiencies of both the actors and the film crew.

Sprung was called upon to provide the film set with a 130′ x 260′ engineered tensioned membrane structure with a high peak height of 48′ and an added opaque black interior membrane to enhance the nighttime filming environment. The cost-effective, short-term leased structure was assembled and crane-lifted into place over two existing homes in the city of White Rock, near Vancouver, B.C., and included a temporary anchoring system, which eliminated the time and cost associated with conventional concrete footings.