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Ekati Diamond Mine

Ekati Diamond Mine

The Ekati Diamond Mine is located approximately 300 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories; 200 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle; and 100 kilometers north of the treeline, in an area of continuous permafrost.

Access to the Ekati Diamond Mine is by air only, except during a three-month period in winter when a 400-kilometer ice road allows for the trucking of bulk supplies to the site.

In 1993, two fully insulated Sprung structures were used as the pilot processing facilities that helped determine the original mine’s viability. In 2003, both Sprung structures were relocated adjacent to the main processing plant and are now being used to verify the economics of new kimberlitic/diamond pipes.

This small sampling facility has become an integral part of this remote mining operation by allowing the stakeholders to drastically reduce lead time, improve production rates and lower overall costs. The lightweight aluminum substructure, versatile anchoraging and easy-to-assemble modular construction make Sprung a cost-effective solution to ship to remote locations when compared to a steel or metal building alternative.