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Environmental Remediation – 40 foot radius craneliftable structure

Environmental Remediation – 40 foot radius craneliftable structure

Workers in full Level-A protective gear conduct remedial investigations in a vapor containment Sprung structure.

  • 40’ round non-insulated structure with Desert Sand Tedlar membrane
  • 1 End Sliding Door, 2 Single Personnel Doors
  • Structure was anchored with ballast weights (110 gallon plastic drums filled with sand).
  • Structure has crane-lifting hooks, allowing for a smaller structure to be utilized and moved around the larger remediation site.
  • The residue is a mixture of ash and highly corroded metal fragments, including remnants of ordnance items.
  • Lead recycling activities were also conducted in this area leaving scrap metals, remnants of ordnance and burn residue ash.
  • The area is currently being used for equipment storage.
  • This environmental remediation contractor chose Sprung based on quality and performance.

The structure also needed to handle a negative pressure using a charcoal filtration system. The limited foundation requirements and relocatability were also factors in choosing Sprung.