Market Sector Warehousing



For the past 16 years, the FedEx has used a number of Sprung structures at major airport locations across the United States. In 2007, the busy Oakland International Airport in California had run out of adequate space while FedEx required an immediate solution that could accommodate growth and meet cargo sorting requirements.

Rather than build a new cargo sorting facility, FedEx decided to reconfigure two of its existing facilities from another location – one 60′ x 160′ construction and one 60′ x 120′ tensioned membrane structure, to complete a 35,000-square-foot total redesign.

Rather than dismantle the existing Sprung structures, it was determined that it would be easier and faster to add to the structures a specially designed wheel system that would move them to the new airport location approximately 3,000 feet away.

Within a few short weeks, a total of 35,000 square feet was successfully reconfigured and erected to take advantage of a more efficient layout, complete with large weather-tight hood sections to accommodate truck loading and off-loading, and large cargo doors.

Sprung’s speed of delivery, convenient monthly leasing, smooth erection process, limited foundation requirements and overall flexibility were important factors in Federal Express selecting Sprung structures as its product of choice for a cargo sorting facility.