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Fenix Power

Fenix Power

A large 520 mega watt power plant is currently being built in Chilca, about 45 kilometers south of Lima, Peru’s capital. The Sprung structures are an essential part of the construction process of this power plant as these are the first buildings on-site and are required for the following:

  • 60′ x 117′ (18.3m x 35.9m) structure used as a shop and warehouse for miscellaneous materials and electrical equipment terminal during construction.
  • 60′ x 117′ (18.3m x 35.9m) insulated structure used a dining facility area for roughly 280 workers.
  • 99′ x 250′ (30.4m x 76.2m) warehouse utilized for the assembly of gas-powered turbines. Fenix Power named this warehouse the GE warehouse, as the power turbines are manufactured by General Electric. The GE warehouse features two double panel rolling service doors and one large rolling service door, so that large pieces can be easily be brought inside the structure.

The project is located right next to the ocean and was of utmost importance to have a reliable product that could go up quickly and handle the coastal environmental conditions. Fenix Power Peru expects to use the structures for roughly 3 years.