Market Sector Disaster Recovery & Emergency Response

Ground Zero, NY

Ground Zero, NY

Shortly after the devastating events took place in New York City on September 11, 2001, Sprung was called upon by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to supply the city’s Ground Zero site with a 31,000-square-foot Sprung structure.

Stationed directly on the location of Ground Zero, Sprung’s high-performance tensioned membrane structure, affectionately known to workers as the “Taj Mahal,” provided a place for thousands of recovery workers to dust off, clean up and eat a hot meal.

With winter quickly approaching, the EPA looked for a structure that could be built permanently in place, and most importantly provide heat and superior climate control for all the workers inside. The structure also required adequate space and a bright, clearspan environment for recovery workers.

The solution of choice was a 120′ x 260′ ft. Sprung structure that rose nearly 50 feet tall at its apex, and included a dynamic wash station that was visited by nearly 650,000 workers since its first month in November 2001. With workers safely sheltered from the elements, work continued 24 hours a day, seven days a week, progressing through night and day, in rain or shine.

The structure included a large area for multiple uses like food services, meal and rest areas, washing and showering facilities, a running lab, changing and training facilities, search areas and a meeting area. Speed of delivery and efficiency of construction were determining factors in selecting Sprung as the best solution for a temporary facility at Ground Zero.

Sprung structures provide an innovative, cost-effective building alternative that dramatically accelerates construction timelines and provides complete flexibility for the future.


“I can report to you with great certainty that the structures being leased from the Sprung Company have been a “truly God-sent” gift of human kindness… All of this would not be possible if not for our wonderful relationship with Phil Sprung and their company’s commitment to our common humanitarian efforts both here at home, and abroad.”