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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport


Hartsfield – Jackson International Airport


The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport recently undertook a thorough review of all of their fire stations and determined that each of their fire stations needed extensive renovations.


70’ wide x 75’ long & 60’ wide x 60’ long Sprung Structure. The Atlanta airport decided that the best approach would be to for an interim relocatable building solution that could be erected adjacent to each of the fire stations locations. Shortly, thereafter Sprung was chosen as the product of choice due in part to the large clearspan design, limited foundation requirements, wide range of service door options as well as a proven track record at major airports around the world. The first Sprung structure measuring 70’ x 75’ housing three emergency vehicles was leased for an initial two year period.


The 70’ x 75’ sprung structure performed so well that the airport exercised the option to purchase and relocated it to a second fire station renovation location.

This Sprung Structure Features

  • 70 x 75’ Sprung structure
  • Translucent daylight panels in peak provide an optimum amount of natural daylight.
  • 3 rolling service doors.
  • 3 9000 cfm exhaust ventilators.
  • 2 single personnel doors.
  • 1 double personnel door.
  • Earth anchor system.
  • Corporate logo.