Market Sector Mining Buildings

Haul Truck Workshop and Warehouse

Haul Truck Workshop and Warehouse

30m wide x 109m long Warehouse
30m wide x 122m long Workshop
Six bays for CAT 793F

This mining client was looking for a temporary haul truck maintenance facility and selected Sprung structures as the product of choice due in part to the relocatable clearspan design which really appealed to design team. A first hand visit to a ‘salt storage’ structure near Las Vegas really helped the client confirm the design and quality of Sprung over other options.

Sprung shipped on schedule and the structure was erected in the time frame suggested, in spite of the harsh conditions in Western Australia. The structures are well liked by the staff working inside with the natural light provided through the translucent daylight panels in the peak of the structure. Though planned as a temporary workshop facility, the exterior

Dupont Tedlar membrane will see them though 25 plus years and can be relocated and reconfigured as required. Sprung’s in house design team created 6 large entry points on the side of the structure to maximize logistics and space. Sprung structures are the solution of choice for anyone in the mining industry who needs a rapidly deployable engineered structure that can we used over and over again for a wide variety of applications. Proven technology worldwide.