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HBO – Big Love

HBO – Big Love

Big Love is a long running HBO TV series about the polygamist Bill Paxton and his 3 wives and extensive family. Through the series Bill started dialogue with a local Indian tribe in hopes of starting a gaming operation.

The production manager and location manager investigated what a typical tribal gaming facility looked like in the United States and toured a number of facilities. At the Soboba Casino, in California, the HBO team noticed that the casino was housed in a Sprung structure. As Soboba is an operating casino in Southern California, filming inside the casino was not an option. After completing research on Sprung, with their extensive gaming experience, HBO purchased two Sprung structures which became the actual set for the last two years of the series.

The structures were erected inside a sound stage in Santa Clarita. Many of the interior design elements were emulated from existing Sprung casinos.

The large clear span interior was ideal for filming and the ability of the Sprung frame work to carry heavy loads made hanging the lighting grids and cameras a breeze. Sprung was the optimum solution for this high profile HBO series.