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The Jordan School District

The Jordan School District


  • Jordan School District , West Jordan Utah


  • Jordan School district needed a new school bus maintenance facility.


  • 88.6′ wide x 230′ long Sprung Structure. The City of South Jordan public works facility, was currently housed in a Sprung Structure. Learning that the public works facility was scheduled to be dismantled and land re-purposed, the Jordan School division purchased the structure and relocated it to the present site. A new Dupont Tedlar membrane was added to provide a new exterior look that fits well in the surrounding community.


  • The relocatable design of the Sprung structure provided a cost effective environmentally friendly building solution.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • Dupont Tedlar exterior membrane.
  • High performance fiberglass blanket insulation system.
  • 4 9000 cfm exhaust ventilators.
  • 2 end sliding cargo doors.
  • Translucent daylight panels in peak provide an optimum amount of daylight provides enhanced working environment while lowering operating costs.



All three owners were thrilled that the structure was able to be relocated and be altered to meet each clients needs.
The fact that the facility did not need to be demolished and hauled away to a landfill was also an advantage, as the clients included a Ski Resort, a Public Works division, and now a School District. This benefit is especially important with the ongoing and increasing pressure for all governments, agencies and local businesses to use environmentally responsible products that provide long-term value and not impact the environment negatively.”