Market Sector Correctional Facilities

Mecklenburg County North Jail Annex Project

Mecklenburg County North Jail Annex Project

Mecklenburg County had been experiencing severe overcrowding issues for quite some time, and they were in the position of having to do something quickly to solve these problems. Many times throughout the year, the average daily population of inmates sleeping on the floor was around 300. Mecklenburg County searched for a cost effective, fast solution and came across Sprung Instant Structures. To make sure the Sprung structure would work for their application, Mecklenburg County Officials visited two sites in Florida that had been using Sprung structures for some time housing inmates. After visiting those sites, they determined that Sprung would not only fit there needs, but they could construct these Structures in half the time and half the cost of traditional construction.

The total project consisted of one 70′ wide x 160′ long Administrative Facility and two 80′ wide x 470′ long inmate housing Facilities. Both Sprung structures are insulated complete with Dupont Mediterranean Olive Tedlar exterior Membrane.

The project was broken up into 2 phases:

Purchase and construction of the 70′ wide x 160′ long administrative facility and two 80′ wide x 470′ long. Delivery took place in April 2008. The plan at that time was to come back approximately one year later and erect the second 80′ wide x 470′ long housing facility. Two months into the construction process, they determined that the phase 1 project would be under budget which would allow them to purchase the second 80′ wide x 470′ long housing facility early, erect it and then finish it out later down the road. They then ordered the second 80′ wide x 470′ long and it was delivered on site late July, 2008.

One 70′ wide x 160′ long Administration Structure
This structure is used for administrative offices, visitation with the inmates, conference room and a couple of cells. This Structure also has connecting corridors which lead to both of the inmate housing facility Structures.

Two 80′ wide x 470′ long Inmate Housing Structures
Each Structure has a hallway down the center of the building. On each side of the hallway, there is four pods that will house 40 inmates each. Each pod is complete with bathroom facilities, beds, day room and an officer station. Therefore, each housing structure will house approximately 320 inmates, for a total population of 640 inmates.