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  • Muslim Neighbour Nexus – MNN Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


  • MNN is a not-for-profit, charitable, organization serving the religious Islamic needs of the Churchill Meadows and Lisgar Communities of Mississauga area located just west of Toronto, Canada. Needing to provide more cost-effective resources and a centre for the Muslims living in this area (10,000 plus) they looked to Sprung for a much-needed structure that would be able to expand with their growth.


  • 60′ wide x 132.1′ long Sprung Structure featuring Dupont White and Forest Green Tedlar architectural membrane complete with R28 fiberglass blanket insulation.


  • Construction began October 2018 and was completed with a volunteer-only crew from their community, with Grand Opening in May 2019.


  • The Mosque is currently serving over 500 community members, with dual functionality as a masjid and community center – including senior group meetings, English classes, ping-pong league, robotics classes and career fairs to date. The 80” TV’s installed by the Mihrab provide a clear view of Imam also in the fully enclosed mom + tot room. Bathrooms include ablution
    facilities as well as showers.
    The carpeting is removed in the middle area to allow for badminton and ping-pong activities when not being used for prayer space. There are 170 parking spots with 505 as total occupancy.
    The MNN community plans to re-purpose this Sprung building as a Youth Center once they have completed the brick and mortar formal design mosque with minarets which is currently in the fund-raising phase.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • Connected vestibule facing the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca to serve as a mihrab where the person leading the prayers is positioned allowing his voice to carry more easily thorough out the mosque.