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Port of Ocho Rios

Port of Ocho Rios

This 40′ wide x 93′ long Sprung structure is utilized as a passenger processing facility at this busy port. A cruise ship, Royal Caribbeans’ Freedom of the Seas, is one of the largest in the world with 3600 passengers and needed additional space to receive passengers prior to the ships first arrival. Sprung was called upon to manufacture and supply an engineered solution within days of order.

The town of Ocho Rios, on Jamaica’s north coast, is edged with beautiful white-sand beaches and unbelievable landscapes. Contrary to popular belief, its name does not refer to “eight rivers,” the literal Spanish translation. It derives instead from the Spanish word “chorreras,” meaning “waterfalls,” of which Ocho Rios has many – including the famous and spectacular Dunn’s River Falls.