Market Sector Construction

Reno Tahoe International Airport

Reno Tahoe International Airport

Ticketing, Baggage Handling & TSA Screening
Three Sprung structures include:

15′ wide x 420′ long
150′ wide x 75′ long
100′ wide x 150′ long

Due to increased security demands that were established following September 11, 2001, the Reno Tahoe International Airport did not have enough room at its ticketing and check-in counters. Thirty-five percent of the airport’s ticket lobby space was taken over by TSA baggage screening machines and staff. The lobby-based explosives detection system (EDS) machines complied with TSA checked baggage screening mandates; however, they congested the lobby and created a two-step check-in process for passengers.

In order to save 2 years of construction time and approximately $7 million in construction costs, a Sprung structure was installed to serve as a temporary lobby and manual baggage makeup facility, so that the entire existing baggage and ticketing area could be turned over to the contractor at one time for construction. After completion, the Sprung structures were dismantled and relocated to another major airport.