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Market Sector Disaster Recovery

Salvation Army – Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery

Salvation Army – Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery


  • The Salvation Army


  • After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the Salvation Army needed an immediate on site presence to assist with disaster recovery in the Gulf Region.


  • Sprung was able to provide several 11,200 sq.ft. structures complete with engineered interior partitions. This enabled the Salvation Army to provide a variety of services in each of the structures, such as food distribution offices, Sunday School services, youth activities and bible study.


Delivered and erected within 3 weeks from order, several 70’ wide x 156’ long Sprung structures provided an in the Gulf Region.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • Daylight panels in the peak.
  • 2 x end sliding cargo doors
  • 3 x Double personnel doors
  • 2 x Single personnel doors
  • Partition wall complete with double personnel door
  • 30 x 400W metal halide lights
  • Earth anchor system
  • Corporate graphic package