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Sustainable Salt Storage Solutions

Sustainable Salt Storage Solutions

In 1998, the City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation needed to accommodate a large salt storage facility in the Chinatown region of the city.

It was determined that the best location for the proposed structure was on leased land owned by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

After careful review of various building alternatives, the City of Chicago chose a 70′ x 490′  (21m x  149m) Sprung structure. The determining factor was the Sprung structure’s fully-enclosed, modular design which could easily be relocated should the existing land need to be developed in the future.

During several years of use, operations personnel claimed the salt stored in the Sprung structure as the driest and best spreading salt of all the City’s storage sites.

In 2006 the City of Chicago purchased an additional 20,000 ton capacity Sprung structure featuring a relocatable 10′ high (3m high) retaining wall system

The engineered, relocatable design of the Sprung structure, combined with a rust-free aluminum substructure, with a 30-year pro-rata guarantee, provides a long-term, flexible solution for public works departments.