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Three Lives of a Sprung Structure


The Toronto Zoo purchased their first Sprung structure. At the time this structure was being utilized as a Dinosaur exhibit where kids would be educated on dinosaurs evolution and extinction. The structure was also used an events center to hold corporate events and fund-raising such as the ZOO DO (500 – 600 people). The structure when first erected measured 60′ wide x 208′ long including White Dupont Tedlar Membrane. Over the first few years, the Sprung worked fantastic for the zoo as they hosted many events with great success.


Moving of the Structure as well as Reconfiguration – Reskin, and insulation In 2002 the zoo decided to try something different with the structure. With constant changes being made, the zoo had to relocate the Sprung. The zoo replaced the exterior membrane of the structure with Bayberrry Green Dupont Tedlar so the structure would blend in with the wooded surroundings, added insulation and reconfigured the structure to 60′ wide x 147′ long. For the next few years, the structure remained as the dinosaur exhibit and corporate events/ fund-raising center.


Sting Ray Bay Exhibit In 2009, the Toronto Zoo opened the Sting Ray Bay Exhibit with a pool located inside the Sprung structure. This Exhibit was only open during the summer months so they decided to leave the hurricane vents and not install HVAC as the Sprung maintained the perfect climate inside for the Sting Rays. The Sprung was a great fit for the Sting Ray Exhibit and was utilized until the end of the summer 2012.


Giant Panda Interpretive Centre In April of 2013, the Sprung has moved on to yet another use for the Toronto Zoo. The zoo received two Giant Pandas on loan from China for the next 5 years. They had decided the Sprung would be the entrance point for the Panda Exhibit. The zoo staff knew that this was going to be an extremely busy exhibit so it was perfect to have a large structure where people could be educated about the Pandas before entering into their viewing area. The structure also helps keep the lines from backlogging and getting too big as people will spend time inside the Sprung looking at all the information provided on the Pandas. During the process of configuring the structure for the Panda Exhibit, the Toronto Zoo wanted to remove the roof vents and add a HVAC system to increase climate control of the structures year-round. Sprung designed two custom-framed openings that allowed the zoo to add the exact HVAC system, and are extremely happy with how well the Sprung holds air conditioning on hot days. The flexibility of the Sprung structure is ideal for zoos as they can be reconfigured and relocated for multiple applications providing long term value.