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University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette was remodeling their student center but never really planned to have a temporary bookstore until the last minute. With little time to have solution in place for the Spring 2013 semester, the university asked several local colleges for a quick and reliable solution. Tulane University, who previously had a Sprung structure, recommended Sprung Structures based on their outstanding relationship and service they received.

The location for a temporary facility was a parking lot surrounded by an old bank, an independent bookstore, and a restaurant. A 60’ wide X 105’ long structure was designed to fit the location and was attached to the newly acquired independent bookstore and bank. Several issues such as 150 year old tree, and timely construction schedules had to be taken into consideration.

The Structure incorporates a 2 story design with an interior service elevator. The cost effective elevator installed in the building meets both the operational needs of the bookstore as well as complying with ADA regulations. On the second story of the structure a single glass door on the second floor allows access via a walkway to the second bookstore location. The university hopes that in the future the structure can be moved to a new location on campus and continue to provide space to help with the growth of this Division 1 institution.