Market Sector Correctional Facilities

Willacy County Detention Center

Willacy County Detention Center

2000 Bed Facility Completed in 90 Days for the United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Ten 70′ wide x 205′ long Sprung Structures was provided to house 2000 detainees. The project required security and speed of construction.

ICE required the facility, originally with 2000 detainee beds, to be operational within 90 days of the contract award. The project was delivered in three operational phases. The first 500 beds were available within 40 days; 600 additional beds were in operation 20 days later; and the final 1000 beds were operational 30 days after that. Since its initial opening, the site has now been expanded to house up to 3086 detainees.

Willacy County provides rehabilitation programs oriented to life skills. Sewing to english language. Work and training programs, recreation and wellness and community service.