Crypto Buildings

Sprung’s Fabric Crypto Buildings

Build new crypto buildings with the help of Sprung. Highly efficient and environmentally controlled, Sprung’s large, clearspan fabric structures are the perfect option for crypto facilities to set up shop. With widths of between 30 and 200 feet and any length your crypto building requires, there will be more than enough room to fit all your mining servers and supporting equipment within a Sprung structure. Crypto mining is not a simple process. To ensure operations remain profitable, crypto facilities need to be able to handle a number of diverse challenges, from heat management to energy efficiency. Sprung structures are flexible in design and strong in durability, giving your future crypto buildings the reliability they need.

Crypto Facilities Made to Last

Above all else, crypto buildings require a high degree of control over environmental conditions. Sprung’s instant fabric structures offer much more leeway than traditional brick-and-mortar structures when it comes to adapting to these needs. Crypto facilities using Sprung structures can take advantage of optional, highly efficient fiberglass insulation systems. As well, Sprung crypto buildings can be built to meet the demands of HVAC systems, implementing HVAC ducting directly into the structure. One of North America’s largest crypto facilities already makes use of Sprung structures. With multiple football field-sized enclosures housing thousands of mining computers, Riot’s Whinstone crypto building facility is a testament to Sprung’s usefulness in the mining world.

Rapidly Deployable Crypto Buildings

In addition to building time- and energy-efficient crypto facilities, Sprung is the global leader in designing and building tensioned membrane structures that are used around the world in a wide variety of industries. With experience in building and deploying hundreds of prefab structures all over the globe, Sprung is the obvious choice when it comes to crypto building construction. Offering ample natural light, superior indoor climate control and the ability to withstand any and all weather conditions, Sprung’s crypto buildings will meet and exceed your requirements. Contact us for a quote on a rapidly built crypto facility.