Disaster Recovery Buildings

Sprung structures has worked with organizations and communities around the world to help with disaster relief and recovery efforts. Our structures are designed to withstand hurricane force winds, and have over 2 million square feet immediately available from inventory. Sprung’s tensioned fabric structures have limited foundation requirements which means they can be constructed almost anywhere, quickly and efficiently. We also offer offer Rental Programs, Flexible Capital Lease Programs and Purchase Options. Learn more Here or Contact us for more information.

Structures can be leased.

Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines

Samaritan’s Purse deployed disaster response specialists, to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.
Samaritan’s Purse has delivered tons of emergency supplies including plastic sheeting for shelters, as well as community water filtration systems, thousands of blankets and mosquito nets, medical tents, medical supplies, protective tarps, blankets, hygiene kits, and emergency family food packets and generators. Needing a safe place to warehouse the supplies they turned to Sprung, installing a 40′ x 100′ classic in Tacloban, Philippines one of the hardest hit areas.

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American Samoa Tsunami 2009

Twelve 30′ wide x 60′ long fully insulated Sprung structures were used to replace schools after the September 29th Tsunami caused wide spread damage. All structures were designed for 140 mph wind loading. All structures were delivered 6 days from order.

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American Samoa

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the Salvation Army needed an immediate on site presence to assist with disaster recovery in the Gulf Region. Sprung was able to provide several 11,200 sq.ft. structures complete with engineered interior partitions. This enabled the Salvation Army to provide a variety of services in each of the structures.

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Salvation Army emergency dome

High River Disaster Recovery

Alberta, Canada, experienced heavy rainfall that triggered catastrophic flooding. All 13,000 residents of the Town of High River was evacuated on June 20, after flooding of the Highwood River. High River officials looked to Sprung to supply a number of structures due in part to speed of delivery and construction, limited foundation requirements, aesthetics, monthly leasing as well as utilizing a relocatable structure that can be re-purposed to address long term master plan needs.

  • 30’ x 300’ Retail complex
  • 60’ x 100’ Salvation Army donation center
  • 80’ x 120’ Office complex to house High River town administration
  • 80’ x 120’ Welcome Center and Library
  • Two 50’ x 75’ Fire Stations

All structures are insulated with an efficient R-25 blanket.

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High River Alberta, Interim Fire Station after flooding disaster Sprung Structure

Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department, Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery

After the devastating consequences of Hurricane Katrina, the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Department had to immediately replace correctional facilities that could match the amenities of their traditional building. Sprung provided eight 50′ wide x 110′ long structures, each housing 100 inmates. Each structure is fully insulated, climate controlled and equipped with sprinkler systems, toilets, sinks and showers.

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Hurricane Katrina

Haiti Earthquake Disaster Recovery

Many govenment offices were destroyed during the 2010 Haiti earthquake that measured a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw.

Sprung supplied three fully insulated 40’ x 120’ Sprung structures that were shipped from inventory within 3 days from order.

This temporary administrative base accommodates the Ministry of Public Health and Population, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC).

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US Virgin Islands, Department of Education

In 2017, two powerful hurricanes Irma and Maria severely damaged infrastructure including all of the schools in the US Virgin Islands. A fast track, code-compliant replacement building was needed immediately so that the children of the Virgin Islands could attend school.

Within weeks, Sprung mobilized, shipped and erected over 7 gymnasiums and 2 kitchens. Sprung structures rust-free aluminum substructure combined with a highly tensioned membrane exterior and energy-efficient fiberglass insulation package provide superior performance in a highly corrosive island environment.