Drone Hangar

With the development of new drone technology, the military needed new hangers to store and maintain these vehicles around the world. The tensioned fabric structure provides an ideal solution; they are rapidly deployable, with quick build times and minimal foundation requirements. Sprung’s membrane structures are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions anywhere in the world, from punishing desert heat to arctic conditions, and even hurricane force winds.

Technical Details
Aircraft hangar
160′ wide x 240′ long (48.4m wide x 73m long)

3 Section Automatic Vertical Stacking Door System

148′ 9″ wide x 30′ 8″ high hangar door

The preferred hangar door for extremely large door openings needed for large aircraft. These doors feature robust design, operational reliability and low maintenance costs. One of the premier hangar door systems available in the world, the Vertical Lifting Stacking Door offers a virtually air tight seal, excellent for keeping cold, sand and dust out of the hangar. This is a fully automatic fold up door system, complete with retractable horizontal supports. There are no size restrictions for this door.