Market Sector

Andora Swan Lake Project



  • Andora Energy Corporation


  • Andora Energy needed an energy efficient facility to house their Demonstration Project (SAGD pilot project). The project was on a strict schedule and required fast delivery and construction. One of the features that helped Andora decide on a Sprung fabric structure was that ability to construct a large structure without concrete. The structure was mounted via a rail system that moved it into place saving valuable time. Another unique feature of this project was a requirement for large framed openings to accommodate pipe racks that Sprung, working closely with Andora, was able to engineer into the structure design.


Two insulated Structures

  • 70′ wide by 105′ long Sprung Structure, tan wainscot, white upper with skylight
  • 70’ wide by 120’ long Sprung Structure, tan wainscot, white upper with skylight


  • Sprung provided Andora a structure that offered significant cost savings over conventional steel framed buildings. Ultimately, the tensioned fabric structure met Andoras’s limited budget and tight timelines for this project. Craig Pichach Vice President of Andora indicated to us that they saved over 35% of a conventional steal building.
  • While fast delivery and construction played a significant role for choosing Sprung, the deciding factor for Andora was the overall cost combined with the energy efficiency of the structures. Craig also mentioned he loved the fact that both structures could be repurposed and relocated after the project comes to completion (10 to 15 years).