Immediate Building Solutions for Growing Airports

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1 Auxiliary Baggage Handling

Sprung Structures can be constructed quickly, helping airports add baggage sorting capacity. Learn how Southwest Airlines used Sprung Structures for their baggage sorting needs at PHL.

2 Conveyor Enclosures

Sprung has the experience and engineering capability to provide customized conveyor covers designed for airport applications. Learn how Delta used Sprung to cover their conveyor system at LAX.

3 Terminal Lounges

Rapidly growing airports need additional gates for customers to gather during expansion and construction phases. See how Charles Shultz Airport grew using Sprung Structures.

4 Terminal Expansion

Sprung structures provide a fast solution that provides additional space for gates, car rentals, passenger staging, retail and food services. Reno Tahoe International Airport used Sprung during their 2 year expansion.

5 Connecting Corridors

Sprung’s engineered connecting corridor system provides a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to enclose any walkway. Available in width’s 10’, 14’ 3”, 19’2” by any length. Connecting corridors can be constructed quickly with no foundations required. Learn how Hamilton International Airport uses connecting corridors.

6 Cargo Sorting Facilities

Add additional capacity immediately to existing airport operations. Our clearspan building solutions offer the ultimate in flexibility that can be relocated as needs change. Learn how PolarAir increased their cargo sorting capacity utilizing Sprung Structures.

7 Tail Cover

An innovative solution to accommodate large aircraft for MRO facilities. Sprung tail covers are easily moved into place providing additional protection for equipment and personnel. Learn more.

8 Snow Removal Equipment Storage

Sprung structures are well suited for airports with consistent high winds and heavy snow. The clear-span design allows drive through direction for large vehicles without restriction, ensuring speed and safety during harsh weather operations, while strategically located on the runway’s edge. Learn how the Denver Airport used Sprung Structures to support their Snow Removal operations.

9 Vehicle Inspection

Drive through design allows inspection and servicing of vehicles. See how SFO used Sprung Structures for vehicle inspection.

10 Emergency Services

Critical airfield operations like fire and emergency services require immediate on-site facilities. Airports around the world use Sprung structures to expand their services. See Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport used Sprung for their emergency services structures.

11 Hangars

Sprung offers a wide variety of solutions for aircraft hangars. From helicopters to some of the largest fixed wing aircraft in the industry, Sprung builds permanent and temporary structures designed for your specific needs. Al Maktou International Airport used two interim hangars until their permanent hangars were built.

12 Ground Equipment Storage

No airport in the world can operate without a fleet of Aircraft Ground Equipment. Sprung offers an effective solution for Ground Equipment Storage and Maintenance. See how Calgary Airport uses Sprung for Equipment Storage.