LAMS – Large Area Maintenance Shelters

Sprung builds Large Area Maintenance Shelters (LAMS) for Military Maintenance Operations

Our clear span structures are the ideal solution for durable and versatile maintenance shelters capable of accommodating the largest vehicles and aircraft. Our fabric tensioned structures can be delivered and constructed within weeks, and are engineered as permanent structures. Our permanent structures are uniquely capable of being quickly and efficiently relocated without compromising the integrity of the structure in any way. Our structures are erected and relocated time and again as changing priorities dictate.


Sprung structures can be found in every environment on the planet, from scorching desert heat, to frigid arctic temperatures. The aluminum substructure is rust proof and designed to withstand hurricane force winds. The patented tension design of our structures ensures the building envelope is air tight, protecting the interior from environmental conditions.


Our LAMS structures can be built as stand-alone structures, or as an add-on to an existing structure. There are no foundation requirements for a Sprung Structure, so they can be built anywhere, on just about any surface. There are a wide variety of access choices for every Sprung structure, from open ended shelters to rolling doors, telescoping doors, and our unique armadillo door.