Maintenance Facilities

Large clear-span spaces with high peak height for vehicle maintenance.

Some of the world’s largest vehicles are stored and maintained in sprung structures. Our sustainable and relocatable aluminum substructures allow for wide, clear-span buildings with high interior peak space, providing room to work and move. Sprung offers a variety of cargo and personnel doors ideal for your operations and are delivered and built quickly; anywhere in the world.

Sprung Maintenance Facility

• Designed and engineered to meet local building codes like Title 24, class A roof
• Sprung structures are engineered for extreme wind and designed to shed snow
• Can be constructed at a rate of up to 2000 sq ft per day
• Highly tensioned exterior membrane provides quiet comfortable interior
• Limited foundation requirements saves time and money

• Daylight panels in peak allow natural daylight
• Exterior all weather door hoods for added safety in high precipitation environments
• Relocatable design adds flexibility for multi use applications
• Cost effective leasing program with option to purchase

Military Hangar
Al Dhafra Airbase, UAE

160′ wide x 240′ long
Full insulated, climate controlled.
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Sprung tensile structure makes an airtight hangar, climate control large clear-span space protects delicate equipment.
Sprung tensile structure military aircraft hangar

Haul truck Workshop & Warehouse

Pilbara, Western Australia
30m wide x 109m long Warehouse
30m wide x 122m long Workshop six bays for CAT 793F
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Vehicle maintenance fabric structure
Sprung prefab buildings built for permanence and relocatable

Fort Riley

Helicopter maintenance facility.

Military maintenance facilities - prefab buildings
Sprung modular construction - prefab construction for helicopter maintenance facilities.

The City of South Jordan

South Jordan City Public Works Facility
88.6′ wide x 230′ long
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Temporary structure, maintenance facility.
Public works maintenance facility. Temporary structure to be used while the new multi-million dollar facility was being built.

The Jordan School District

West Jordan, Utah
School Bus Maintenance
88.6′ wide x 230′ long
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Fabric buildings
Bus barn for a board of education - fabric buildings

Caserones Project

30.4m wide x 53.4m long
Vehicle maintenance facility
4,200 meters above sea level.
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This tensile structure can withstand high wind and snow loads.
A remote modular building high in the Andes vehicle maintenance tensile structure.