Sprung for Special Event Tents & Convention Facilities

Sprung’s tension fabric buildings provide reliable solutions for banquet facilities, special event tents and convention facilities. The flexible designs can be customized and relocated, or they provide permanent solutions for all-weather buildings that suit any climate. Sprung has new buildings available in inventory for immediate delivery, or contact us to design your custom hospitality tents or facilities.

Entertainment & Event Center Buildings

Sprung’s event center buildings provide a flexible option for temporary and permanent structures for any size of event. Not only are Sprung’s facilities stunning and elegant, but they can be customized and made with black interior membrane to hide cables, lighting or cameras. Despite the large open design, Sprung’s special event tents have superior acoustics.

Entertainment Tents

Cincinnati Zoo fabric structure has a bright white interior lining which allows lovely light shows on the interior walls.

Gaming and Special Event Tents

Construct an event center building quicker and will less costs than traditional buildings. Sprung’s tension fabric buildings are an ideal choice for special event tents because they can be built quickly and are suitable for a wide range of climates.

Casino Building

Sprung Connecting Corridors - Sprung fabric building

Hotel and Hospitality Tents

Make use of empty parking lots or unused tennis courts by constructing an elegant banquet facility or convention building. Hotels or event centres can add a hospitality tent to improve service or offer an additional space to rent.

Food Service Center

Harvard interim dining facilities in a Sprung fabric structure and KTG Dining Tent

Zoo Facilities

Add new multi-use space, storage facilities or even special event tents to your zoo or entertainment venue. Sprung’s buildings can be customized with colours and graphics to match your branding, and daylight panels offer natural light into your event center building.

Aviary Buildings

Zoo Aviary exhibit Temporary building