Dedicated Year Round Pickleball Facilities

Pickleball is currently the nation’s fastest-growing sport with a documented 4.8 million players across the country. A sport that has proven its popularity for all ages, Pickleball has become a hub for communities to connect, stay active and have fun together.

Along with the rapidly expanding popularity of the sport, the demand for dedicated indoor facilities is also on the rise. In many areas, playing outdoors is not an option year-round. Imagine temperature-controlled, dedicated Pickleball facilities that provide a safe, spacious area for several courts, optional food and beverage area, locker rooms, saunas, and more!

Why Build Pickleball Facilities with a Sprung?

  • Exceptional Build Speed – Build in a fraction of the time required for a conventional building.
  • Lower Costs – Build at a significantly lower cost than a conventional building.
  • Interior Advantage – The interior of a Sprung structure is engineered and designed for an optimized playing environment with great acoustics, natural light, and temperature control.
  • Flexible Design – Complete customization from the ground up.

Pickleball Facility Options

  • Option 1: Engineered sunshade
  • Option 2: Year-round climate-controlled facility
Option 1: Engineered sunshade
Option 2: Year-round climate-controlled facility
4 Pickleball Court Structure
8 Pickleball Court Structure
12 Pickleball Court Structure
16 Pickleball Court Structure

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Exceptional Build Speed

Sprung Structures creates flexible, cost-effective indoor spaces that promote safe and active participation. Sprung delivers a multi-functional space suitable for any sport or activity.

With over two million square feet of available inventory, our prep time to delivery is short, and your building is completed 30% to 60% faster than any other building solution.

With the design and speed you need, Sprung will help to create a better, more active future for your community.


The following structures were built from ground-breaking to completion in four months.

  • 19,500 square feet for Regis University Berce Athletic Training Center
  • 48,000 square feet for Relentless Life Center Sports and Recreation Complex

High-Performance Interior

The Sprung interior outperforms other building alternatives with natural light, an airtight building envelope for efficient temperature control, and an optimized acoustic playing environment.

  • High-Performance Interior – Clean, bright highly-tensioned interior membrane saves finishing time and money
  • Low Operating and Energy Costs – Airtight building envelope and fully-lofted fiberglass insulation system lowers overall operating costs

“The acoustics are great, the lighting itself provides a bright environment …
It is a very dynamic and lively place to play.”

– Mario Amantea, Hockey Director, Edge School

Significant Cost Savings

There are many cost-saving opportunities when building a Sprung structure. From operational cost savings to savings on construction materials and timelines, Sprung delivers a high-performance facility on time, and on budget.

“The main reasons we decided to build a Sprung structure were the price model and the rapid construction timeline …we were very impressed with the outcome.”

– Mike Redmond, Associate VP Physical Plant & Capital Projects, Regis University

Build  A Pickleball Facility Your Way

Your clear-span, column-free Pickleball facility offers full versatility with a bright, spacious playing area, tall peak height and can include unlimited design customization such as:

  • raised running track & viewing bleachers
  • locker rooms & saunas
  • mezzanines & conference rooms
  • peak-integrated daylight panels
  • custom doors & glazing walls
  • food and beverage, dining facilities

Custom Colors and Graphics

  • Showcase your brand outside with Sprung’s high-performance, guaranteed Dupont Tedlar or Kynar exterior membrane. Choose from a wide range of exterior colors and our new vinyl wrap graphics to elevate your brand.

“The Sprung sports facility at Hanalani has been a tremendous blessing for our school. The versatility of courts for both volleyball and basketball, plus serving as a multi-use facility for PE and other activities has really expanded our school’s creativity.”

– Jeremy Honold, Athletic Director

Extraordinary All-weather Durability

There are currently over 12,000 active Sprung Structures in 100 countries around the globe:

Sprung’s unmatched expertise and experience delivers the world’s most reliable, versatile, and technically advanced structures.

Our structures are designed, engineered, and tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, anywhere in the world.

Following Hurricane IRMA in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) selected Sprung Structures to
supply seven gymnasiums as emergency response stations.

The Sprung gymnasiums were engineered to withstand 175 mph wind loads per the 2018 International Building Code (IBC 2018).

“In obscene winter weather conditions – 100 km plus winds and temperatures of -35C – Sprung modified their construction process to allow mechanical and electrical contractors to work simultaneously, and reduce the overall schedule.”

– David Lunn, Director of Facilities, Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools

Unlimited Design Flexibility

Beyond the flexibility of Sprung’s expandable modular design, add greater value and versatility by customizing the accessories (doors, windows, connecting corridors, graphic treatments, etc.).