Hail Shelters

Protect Your Fleet with a Car Tent

A 10-minute hail storm can create millions of dollars in damages. Get a protective car tent from Sprung to minimize the risk of hail storms on your vehicles. Our rigid aluminum substructure combined with a high quality roof utilizing 1/4” hail netting is a cost effective car canopy to prevent damage from large hail stones. Typical modules measure 36’ x 48’ and can, on average, shelter twelve vehicles. A car shelter can be erected on any reasonable flat ground surface without concrete.

Car Canopy for Dealerships

If vehicles are parked outside, they risk damage from hail storms and other extreme weather events. A portable car tent from Sprung can be put up on any flat ground to protect up to twelve vehicles. As modular garage tents, they can be erected beside each other to protect fleets of vehicles from hail damage. Sprung’s car shelters are suitable for car dealerships, manufacturers or anyone with a collection of vehicles that are being stored outdoors.

Testing Sprung’s Portable Garage Tent

To evaluate the performance of Sprung’s portable garage tent, over 2,650 golf balls were dropped from a height of six-and-a-half storeys. No golf balls penetrated the car shelter. Each modular garage tent can protect around 12 vehicles.

Top Reasons to Choose Sprung for Car Shelters

  1. Immediate Delivery Available – Get a car tent delivered quickly to your parking lot or site.
  2. Engineered for Extreme Storms – Enjoy the peace of mind that Sprung’s portable carports are designed and tested to withstand extreme hail storms.
  3. Modular Tarp Garage Design – Disassemble, move or reconfigure easily. Sprung’s car shelters are ideal for fleets of any size.
  4. Lease with Option to Purchase – Increase your savings with a convenient leasing program for up to five years.

Automotive Structures from Sprung

In addition to quality hail car shelters, Sprung builds a range of durable structures for automotive manufacturers and dealerships. Use a Sprung structure for vehicle maintenance facilities or temporary car showrooms. As leaders in customizable clear span structures, Sprung can match the building to your business’ needs. Contact us to get a quote on automotive structures and summer or winter car shelters.

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