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MRAP Vehicle Maintenance Facility

MRAP Vehicle Maintenance Facility

In January 2008, Sprung was called upon to provide the US military MRAP (Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected) program with an immediate solution for vehicle maintenance facilities at eight military bases in Iraq. Sprung mobilized operations and delivered 11 structures totaling 265,000 square feet within the four- to six-week delivery requirement.

Having looked at other temporary structures, MRAP found that the Sprung structures offered quality attributes that others could not. These included complete flexibility, structural integrity, and low-maintenance construction.

The double-panel rolling doors mean the ability to fit all necessary equipment and vehicles into the facility, while the tensioned fabric membrane guaranteed longevity, quality and protection against the elements. Many of the competing designs boasted tent-like structures made up of large fabric sections that, when damaged, are more costly to replace. Sprung’s modular design allows for a cost-effective repair, and in less time, by only replacing the panels that become damaged.


“A significant attribute of Sprung is the great customer support they provide and the benefit of having on-site technical support during installation. The support they provided during installation of our 11 MRAP (Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected) structures was simply outstanding, and it provided peace of mind that the installation would be accomplished correctly.”